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Glasses for autism: facilitating social interaction through AI and gamification
What is Holli? Holli is a software for a wearable system, Google Glass, that coaches children with ASD in everyday social interactions. It was designed by [...]
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In the last few months, some interesting articles have come to light, their topics varying from web interactions of people on the spectrum to mobile and [...]
Robots to treat autism at home
Harbin Children’s Hospital in China is the first hospital to use robots to help treat children with autism. RoBoHoN is a cartoony robot approximately [...]
Social skills apps by Happy Frog
Happy Frog is a company specialising in apps and workbooks for children with learning difficulties. They offer resources which help develop reading [...]
Q&A on autism with the author of “NeuroTribes”
Steve Silberman, author of “NeuroTribes” gave an interview to Michael McWatters, TED-Ed Blog writer and father of an autistic child. The [...]
ITASD ’17: Proceedings, conclusions and comments
Review on the latest ITASD (International Conference on Innovative Technologies for Autism Spectrum Disorders )   The 3rd International Conference on [...]
Call for abstracts in special edition: The use of technology in speech and language therapy
The International Journal of Language & Communication Disorders IJLCD has announced a special edition on the use of technology in speech and language [...]
Matching Autistic People with Technology Resources Free Online Course (Update)
Registration is now open for the free online course “SMART-ASD: Matching Autistic People with Technology Resources” by Future Learn. SMART-ASD [...]
Autism Professionals Awards 2018
Do you know a professional  or team of professionals in the field of autism that deserve an award? Then nominate them! 
Latest publications
Busy couple of months with publications ranging over eye gaze, fidget spinners, research practices, app design and more! 
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