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Powertoolkit: Participatory design of technology for people with cognitive disabilities
Project goals and results Powertools has been a 3-year research/innovation project with universities, health care organisations and tech companies in the [...]
BETA project in Paris
Our BETA project financed by FIRAH set out on its international journey five months ago. Last month in Paris, BETA was featured in the seminar “Social [...]
Latest publications February-March
This month we are bringing to you two conference papers on apps for autism and an exploratory study of an existing technology. Mora-Guiard, J., Crowell, [...]
SMART-ASD: Matching Autistic People with Technology Resources – now in Chinese too
What’s new? The MOOC (Massive Open Online course) ‘SMART-ASD: Matching Autistic People with Technology Resources is once again live and free of [...]
Latest publications January-February
This month we are presenting two new papers that can be of interest to you: Kim, J. W., Nguyen, T. Q., Gipson, S. Y. M. T., Shin, A. L., & Torous, J. [...]
Interview with assistive robots specialist, Dr. Giuseppe Palestra
We are happy to host Dr Giuseppe Palestra this month for an interview at ASDTech. Dr. Palestra is a researcher in Social Robotics and Assistive Techologies [...]
WeChat logo competition
What is conversational alignment? It’s our tendency to use the same words or grammar patterns when a conversation is going well. The project WeChat [...]
Forthcoming conferences
Three conferences will be held over the next few months related to different aspects of autism research and technology development in and outside Europe. [...]
Virtual agent to address shortage of qualified autism professionals
Researchers from the University of Massachusetts are developing a “virtual child” that can be used to train professionals to work with autistic [...]